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Hamtun H1 and Neon order status

28th April 2018

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I did an update here. Here is the current status of all ongoing Hamtun projects:

H1 (2018 version)

On track, and the order has just been increased due to better than expected pre-orders. Thanks everyone!

Below are a couple of photos showing the current state of the updated case from my new factory (and you can see the old one in the background). This case shape isn’t complete, they’ll now work to perfect the corners and stuff. But it’s basically there and then they’ll bang through the rest of the cases based on this one. I still expect the H1 to ship on schedule.

Hamtun H1 (2018) production 1

Hamtun H1 (2018) production 2


A formal update will come on KS at the end of the month, as promised every month until shipment. But things are on track. The H1 should ship 1 month before the Neon (as always advertised), so expect to see a similar case shape for the Neon next month.

Remaining clasps for the previous H1 silicone straps

Almost complete and then will ship. As promised, I have paid for all the remaining ones in one go thanks to the cash from the Neon and updated H1. Thanks to everyone for your patience, we’re almost there. If you’ve commented anywhere that you’re waiting I have seen it and noted it.

Other things

I’ve made some updates to the website to include a better self service help system that contains the answers to the questions I get asked the most. Do check it out if you have questions at http://help.hamtun.co

Also I’ve added a decent live chat system to the website to make it easier for you to all talk to me directly and easier for me to manage all the messages I get. There were too many ways to contact me and they sometimes got missed. If you ever want to chat, use the button in the bottom right of the website. Messages will always go to me (if I’m asleep I’ll get them in the morning but will still see them)

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