Coming soon! Don't miss the Hamtun H2/Kraken

22nd November 2018

Every day we get emails asking when the H1 will be back in stock, and every day we have to reply with "soon, hopefully". But no longer! For the last year we've been working on an updated H1 for 2019, and here it is.

Hamtun H2 Kraken

Unlike the 2018 edition of the H1, this time we've made some quite significant changes so we thought a name change was appropriate. So the H1 is now the H2, aka The Kraken.

So what's changed?

Lots of little things, but retaining what made the original H1 so popular. So it's still titanium, it's still very affordable, and it's still 41mm diameter. However this time:
  1. The case has been made very slightly thinner, but lugs and crown guards are slightly thicker. It gives a better overall balance
  2. The dial has been changed from a sandwich style one to a regular one with big, bright applied indices
  3. We've made the hands bigger
  4. The bracelet has chunkier links and a new micro-adjust clasp. It gives the whole package a more "tool watch" feel
  5. We're sticking with the Seiko NH35 movement as the default, but we're also making it available with an Élaboré grade Swiss made Sellita SW200-1 as an upgrade
  6. The case and bracelet have a scratch-resistant coating meaning that you get the weight benefits of titanium, but tougher

When can you get one?

The plan is to launch for pre-orders in February 2019 and then ship sometime early summer. As long as you get your order in during the 30-day pre-order campaign, you're guaranteed to get the model, colour and movement of your choice.

If you move fast when pre-orders open, you should get an incredible deal as we always offer a very attractive early-bird price. They tend to go fast though, so don't wait around!

How do you make sure you don't miss out?

Keep an eye on emails from us. If you're not on our mailing list, sign up. You'll even get sent a 10% discount code for use with any products we sell directly on our website. 

If you're worried about missing our emails, you can follow us on:

Twitter: twitter.com/hamtun
Instagram: instagram.com/hamtunwatches
Facebook: facebook.com/hamtunwatches

That's it for now. We'll be sharing more details over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out!

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