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The H1 - our first watch

5th July 2017

On September 30th 2016, almost exactly a year after design work began, we launched our first watch on Kickstarter. 20 minutes later it was fully funded, and by the end of the 30 day campaign it had raised over £146,000. With another £20,000 raised in pre-orders on Indiegogo over the next few weeks, we had an unexpected hit on our hands.

If you've not seen the H1, it's a titanium dive watch. It is rated to 200m and has a Seiko NH35A automatic movement. We made it available on Kickstarter with both a titanium bracelet and silicone strap, and in 3 colour options. The original prototypes featured blue markers on the dial and a blacked out bezel (see below for a photo of our very first prototype to see how it progressed!) and we added a stealth and a white option to the an updated blue for the campaign.


In May 2017 after what felt like an eternity, the watches arrived at our base in Southampton, UK and we began shipping them out to our backers.


It was an exhausting but thrilling journey, and we'd like it to be the beginning of something special. We don't have more H1's available at the moment, but if you'd be interested in getting one register your interest on the sales page and we'll be in touch if we get more stock. For now our focus is on completing shipping and then working on our next watch, which takes us off in another exciting direction.

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