This is the H2! First photos of our new automatic titanium dive watch

19th December 2018

It's the one so many of you have been waiting for - here are the first ever photos of the H2!

H2 in both colours

As is probably obvious, these are quick photos direct from the factory rather than professional ones. Assembly of the watch heads just finished and we wanted to share with you before sending them off to all of the photographers, videographers and reviewers that are lined up to work on them over the next couple of months.

H2 black

H2 black lumed

Let's talk details

  • 41mm diameter titanium case
  • ceramic bezel with lumed markers
  • scratch resistant coating on the case and bracelet, resulting in a case that is far harder to damage than a standard titanium or 316L stainless steel case
  • choice between a Seiko NH35 or a Swiss made élaboré grade Sellita SW200.
  • sapphire crystal with internal anti-reflective coating
  • BGW9 Super-LumiNova (Grade A)
  • Starting at around $250 with the NH35 movement
  • The case is very slightly thinner than the H1, but with chunkier lugs, crown guards and bracelet. As a result, it has a better balanced tool watch feel to it

H2 is due to go on sale sometime in February but the exact date isn't yet set, and it's possible that it ends up being March.

H2 white

H2 white lumed

Pre-orders will be via Kickstarter, with shipping due sometime in the summer. A realistic timeline will be shared as soon as we've got a launch date finalised.

Why Kickstarter? Taking pre-orders in the UK is a bit of a pain, we've found previously that taking pre-orders through our store has resulted in a load of extra red tape that adds to the work we have to do, and so effects pricing.

With 3 completed and shipped production runs under our belts, we've established Hamtun enough now that you can be confident we'll deliver what we promise. Kickstarter therefore just becomes a store that makes it easier for us to take pre-orders without the additional complications of doing it in-house.

Over the next few months, we're going to be sharing loads of details about the watch, the launch details, the pricing and really anything we can think of. If you're a blogger or YouTuber that would like to see a model for a review, or if you have a favourite site/channel that you'd like us to reach out to, let us know. We're really proud of the watch and want it to be seen by as many people as possible!

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