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22nd April 2018

We often get asked about the watch movements we use at Hamtun, and why we picked the ones we did.

Rather than reply to people individually, we thought it might make an interesting topic for an article here. How do we decide which movements to work with? Which ones are we thinking of using in the future? Let's take a look.

Watch movements currently in use

At the moment we have 2 automatic movements in use. These are:

  • Seiko NH35
  • STP 1-11
Seiko Nh35a

The Seiko NH35 is used in our H1 dive watch collection. When we started development of the H1, we had a short list of required features from the movement we picked. These were:

  1. It had to be automatic
  2. It had to be very affordable
  3. It had to have hacking functionality (it had to stop when the second hand was pulled out to set the time) 

This didn't leave us with a huge number of choices. With a price point in mind for the finished watch, the STP was out of our price range. Other movements that we could have afforded often didn't have a hacking function.

Our final choice was between the Sekio and the Miyota 9015. The Miyota is a great movement, but availability is limited and so the price has gone up massively over the last few years.

We settled on the Seiko NH35 and it's performed amazingly for us, so much so that we've created a second edition of the H1 using the same movement.

STP 1-11

The STP 1-11 is made by Swiss Technology Production. It was the first Swiss movement we used, and while affordable is a step up from the Seiko in several key ways:

  • It's based on the ETA 2824-2 movement which has been tried and tested over decades of development
  • It's Swiss, which brings a level of prestige
  • It has a high beat rate, which means the second hand sweeps incredibly smoothly
  • It's really well regulated at the factory for incredible performance

We first used the STP 1-11 in our Neon collection and have found it to be incredibly reliable.

Watch movement - STP 1-11

Watch movements we're planning to use

I'm sure you'll understand that we don't want to give away specifics - if people know exactly which watch movements we plan on using soon, they'll get a good idea of what we're planning to make.

But there are a few things we're looking at:

  • Other STP movements. STP have a wide range of Swiss made movements at great prices. A quick look at their catalogue opens up a variety of really interested possibilities that simply wouldn't be an option with other manufacturers.
  • Japanese movements. We still haven't made anything with the Miyota 9015, making us one of a small number of microbrands that can say that! It looks like pricing and availability is improving, so we're looking at options for that in the future.
  • Other variants on the ETA 2824-2. The Sellita, for example, is incredibly well thought of. Perhaps we'll look at using that in the future. This is further down the list though, as we're having a great time using the STP 1-11 at the moment, so see no need to switch.
  • Quartz movements. No immediate plans for this, but we get more requests for a quartz option that we expected. At some point in the future I'd like to introduce a quartz model for those that prefer the simplicity.

We'll still be using the current Seiko NH35 and STP 1-11 for the foreseeable future though. The Seiko especially gives us loads of options for incredibly affordable watches, which is why we're here!

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