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More details of the upcoming Neon Automatic

14th August 2017

Another week, another render! This time a side view of the case. From left to right we have our blue, orange, yellow, green and white contrast colour options. The white one is there for those of you that like things more subtle...

This is the 316L stainless steel option which will come in a brushed finish. The PVD version will be the same design but with a matte black finish.

The bezel part that you can see is matte finished ceramic and the coloured separator ring is anodised aluminium.

Case thickness is around 11.5mm thanks to the thinner profile of the Swiss STP 1-11 automatic movement, and the crown has a raised logo on it and screws down.

The only thing not shown here is that the lugs will be drilled through, like on the H1.

More details of the Neon Automatic will be going live each week in the run up to opening pre-orders. If you've not yet seen our previous announcements you can start with "Coming soon: The Neon Automatic from Hamtun Watches"

You can now register for alerts on the Neon Automatic to get it at the best price.

Hamtun Neon Automatic Crown View

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