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Hamtun Watches

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Hamtun is a British watch company focused on making affordable watches. All of our watches are designed in the
UK and feature high quality automatic movements. Great watches, great prices, no bullshit.

Thanks for another amazing year!

What a year 2018 has been at Hamtun. We launched 3 models and shipped 2 of them, with the other one due to ship in Spring 2019. By every possible metric the business has continued to grow. When I started planning the H1 in 2015 even my most ambitious plans didn't have the busi...

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Hardened watches: a scratch resistant coating that changes everything

With the launch of our recent Nanok campaign, we introduced scratch-resistant watches as an optional upgrade. We wanted to take a bit of time to talk in detail about what that means, and how it's changing what we're doing over the next few years. The background You know the fe...

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Coming soon! Don't miss the Hamtun H2/Kraken

Every day we get emails asking when the H1 will be back in stock, and every day we have to reply with "soon, hopefully". But no longer! For the last year we've been working on an updated H1 for 2019, and here it is. Unlike the 2018 edition of the H1, this time we've made some...

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