Hamtun Watches Affiliate Scheme

We're delighted to finally unveil the Hamtun Watches affiliate scheme! What's the deal?

Earn 15% commission

Register for our affiliate scheme and share your unique link with your readers, customers, friends, followers, or anyone that you think might be interested. If they order anything from us, you'll get paid a 15% commission on their order. Free money!

Commission is paid 30 days after the order is completed on the cost of products ordered, minus any discounts, tax or shipping costs. If the product is returned or the order is cancelled for any reason, the commission is not paid.

Huge 60-day cookie expiry

So how does it work? When a customer clicks your link, a cookie is set on their computer. Then, if they order anything from us in the next 60 days, you get paid your commission on their order.

If the user has already had a cookie set by another affiliate, or if the customer deletes their cookies before completing the purchase, you will not be credited with the referral. That's just because either we can't (deleted cookies) or someone else has got their first (cookie already set). We want to pay affiliates, as the better the scheme does, the more people sign up for it!

How to join

Head over to https://hamtun.refersion.com and sign up for free. Once you're registered you'll be given your unique link to share with your readers and start earning! 

Any questions?

Email ross@hamtun.co for help