Selecting your first watch


There’s many a stylish man who has has found himself hopelessly lost when it comes to choosing a watch for his suit. Should it be a talking point? Should it be a reflection of how successful you are in your career? The answer to both is no, but how were you to know that? Well, have no fear, we’ve put together a list of a few questions you might have when buying your first watch, we even managed to answer them too.

Sports or dress?

To put it quite simply, a watch worn with a suit is there for telling the time only. It does not require a glow in the dark face, water resistance, a compass, a dive time tracker, or any one of the myriad of features available to watch shoppers these days. This watch should be understated, and have you seen a sports watch that is understated? We thought not. Dress watches are the only option when wearing formal attire. 

Does size matter?

While you may have the world and his psychologist telling you that size isn’t everything, in the world of the dress watch, size is everything, but not in the way that you think. It might be tempting to buy that oversized gold-plated piece that oozes class, but as far as sartorial mishaps go, that’s a big one. Your watch should be small enough that it can slip easily under your cuff and be hidden from sight. It’s a nice accessory to have but let’s not forget that it’s only there to tell the time and not as a conversation starter so always err on the side of caution and go with the smaller size.

What about the strap?

How your watch is attached to your wrist is one of the most important aspects of a dress watch. Chunky metal bracelets look good and are very manly, but they are tough to conceal meaning that your watch is on display at all times. A thin leather strap is the best choice as it fits your wrist snugly and can slip under your cuff easily. For this reason, the vast majority of dress watches use leather straps as a rule.

Analogue or digital?

This is down to personal taste, but an analogue watch with a nice set of Roman numerals seems much classier than its digital counterpart. From a suiting aspect, you should be aiming for a refined look, and the analogue watch fits the bill nicely. Of course, there are many elegant digital watches out there but we’re a bit old school on this point.

Round or square face?

There’s no doubt that round face watches are far more popular than those with square or rectangular faces, but this is merely down to popularity. There are no rules that state one is a better fit for your tailored suit than the other but for some reason people just prefer round faces. Go with your personal favourite.

Gold or silver?

The silver dress watch is a good match for suits that are black, grey, or blue whereas the gold watch is best worn with any shade of brown, white, or cream. It’s not essential to follow this rule though, as let’s face it, your watch should be spending most of its time hidden away.

What about with my tuxedo?

The traditionalists among us will know that when wearing formal wear such as a tuxedo, we should leave the timepiece at home. This stems from the belief that when out enjoying an evening of socialising, time should be of no concern. We hate clock watching when we’re at a party, so we’re 100% behind this one. When the tuxedo is on, the watch is off.