Watch Discord Channel

Come and chat with us and other watch enthusiasts in our watch Discord channel!

As part of our on-going drive to build a community, improve support times and ensure things don't get missed, we've started a Hamtun Watches Discord channel. If you know Discord, you'll know what that means and you can join up using the link below. We're almost always online, so you'll also be able to chat with other team members as well as customers/watch enthusiasts. 

If you don't know of Discord, here is a quick overview:

Discord is a chat platform used in many groups & communities to encourage discussion. It's very similar to Slack if you're a techy, or IRC if you're an internet old timer!

It allows conversations between 2+ people in a private chat, public group conversations and also video/audio chats. The idea is to use Discord to make sure that questions are answered quicker and nothing gets missed, as well as build a community that can feedback on designs and help pick new models.

The rapid growth of Hamtun has lead to some stuff slipping through, and this is a way to prevent that ever happening again. It also allows us to get to know each other in a friendly community and talk about our watches (or whatever we like).

It's free for you to use, just join using the link below and then install the app on your iOS or Android device or your Windows orMacOS PC. Come and chat!

Join at