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A luxury UK watch brand with one key difference; their prices are affordable. Farer was established in 2015 out of growing frustration with an overpriced market. They decided to create a new watch company for the modern era, combining bold design and premium quality Swiss manufacture at a fair price.

A look at the history of Farer 

The brain behind the company is former retail executive Paul Sweetenham. Paul spent 18 years working at TX Maxx, making his way up the ranks to European president. 

When Farer was first established, it offered a simple stable of GMTs and quartz watches. Today, they provide everything from hand-wound cushion-cased watches to mechanical GMTs and automatics. 

Striking designs and names that take you on a journey 

One thing that stands out as the core of the Farer brand is the design of their watches. You can expect meticulous attention to dial construction, as well as generous use of colour. 

All of the watches have thought-provoking names, giving you a sense of adventure. For example, there is The Mallory, which is named after George Mallory, an English mountaineer who climbed Mount Everest during the 1920s. 

Designed in London, yet made in Switzerland: the best of both worlds

All of the watches are designed in London. After this, specialist manufacturer Roventa-Henex manufactures them out of Blenne, Switzerland. All of the watches come with a choice of straps so that you are able to have the perfect timepiece for you.

Based: UK
Website: farer.com

Key Farer models

Farer Hopwell II 3-hander

Farer 3 hander

See it on the Farer website

Fare Ainsdale II quartz chronograph

Farer Ainsdale II Quartz Chronograph

See it on the farer website

Farer Aldrich Worldtimer 

Farer Worldtimer

See it on the Farer website

(All photos taken from the Farer website)