What are Erika’s Originals Watch Straps?


Changing your watch straps is a great way to customize your watch’s appearance and lend variety and dynamism to your style. But with so many watch straps to choose from, it can be hard to know which to choose. However, for those who value comfort, style and a superior fit that keeps your wrist feeling great all year round, you could do worse than check out Erika’s Originals Watch Straps. 

What are Erika’s Original’s Watch Straps?

(Image from the Erika’s Original’s website)

These 100% hand-stitched artisanal watch straps are precision designed for a perfect fit. As Erika herself says “custom is my standard”. Each and every watch strap is made to the wearer’s exact specifications by Erika and her team of artisans in her Valencia workshop. The highest quality materials and innovative design mean that you get a perfect fit and superior comfort. Not to mention protection from fraying or wearing. After taking Instagram by storm with her designs, Erika continues to wow her customers with an unparalleled level of care, attention and detail that goes into every watch strap. 

Each strap is made from a custom Spandex elastane core to provide superior strength and a snug fit. Around this is fitted a combination of high-quality European yarns and superior-quality nylon. So wearers get a strap that feels as great as it looks. Military in style and made from vintage parachute materials from the ‘60s and ‘70s, these straps are designed to provide outstanding comfort and style as well as rugged endurance that can take anything your lifestyle throws at it.

Erika’s Original Strap Trident

(Image from the Erika’s Original’s website)

Available in a range of colours, they are infinitely customisable, with additional stitching, printing, flags, buttons and even laser engraving. What’s more, Erika’s Originals Watch Straps are also available for Apple Watch. So you can enjoy a great range of smart features on the go.

Reviews of Erika’s Originals straps

Ever since Erika’s Originals burst onto the scene, fashion bloggers and social influencers alike have been itching for an opportunity to write reviews of the straps. If you’re still not sure about whether these watch straps are for you, you might want to check out these reviews to make an informed decision;

All of the above are genuine reviews and will help you to ascertain whether these artisanal watch bands are the best fit for your style, lifestyle and budget.

Where to buy Erika’s Originals Straps

Because Erika’s Originals straps are fully customised and built for you, the only appropriate place to buy them is from her website. Click Here to see her full product range, including limited edition staps.

Erika’s Original watch strap Shamal

(Image from the Erika’s Original’s website)

How much do Erika’s Originals Straps cost?

Erika’s Originals straps start at €75. Roughly £67.50 sterling or £88 USD. Limited edition variants start at the same price, as do Lumed MN Straps while Apple Watch straps start at €90 (roughly £81 or $106 USD). 

Customisations like changing the buckle to stainless steel or solid bronze will add €20 and €25 respectively. Hand-stitched flags will add an additional €10, and custom printing will add €20-€50 to the cost. Laser engraving is charged at €20 extra.

How to measure Erika’s Originals Straps

Because Erika’s Originals are custom made for you, it’s important to ensure that you know your exact wrist size to get a perfect fit that will remain snug whatever you’re doing. This YouTube video shows you how to accurately measure your wrist;

How to use Erika’s Originals Straps 

While Erika’s Originals are custom made to fit your wrists, you may find that you want to make some adjustments in the fit depending on your activities. This video from Patrick at Take Time explains not only how to mount your Erika’s Originals Watch Strap to your watch, but how to make adjustments to the fit as and when they are needed. 

Alternatives to Erika’s Original’s Straps

Erika’s Originals watch straps have a unique militaristic look combined with near-infinite customizability. However, if you want to compare the straps to similar models, you might want to take a look at some other brands that offer similar style straps. 

These include;

You may also find this comparison article from Two Broke Watch Snobs useful.

That should be enough to enable you to make a fair comparison, but the Erika’s Original remains my favourite.

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