Warning: Counterfeit/fake watches being sold


It’s been brought to our attention recently that a website, known to be advertising heavily on Facebook and Instagram, is claiming to sell the H2/H3 Kraken for $50.

The website in question is https://www.leowalkers.com, screenshot below.

Counterfeit Hamtun watches

This is an outright scam. They’re not even making bad copies of our watches, they are simply stealing our photos and marketing materials (everything on their website is stolen from ours) and then sending out junk.

A recent email, from someone who thought they’d bought a genuine Hamtun watch, read “I ordered one of your watches off of your Facebook ad and today I received a cheap Rolex Knockoff with a quartz movement and a cracked crystal. Your ad said it would be an automatic movement with a titanium bracelet. I now want a full refund ASAP!”

It was not our ad, and further conversation with him revealed that he’d ordered via the leowalkers.com website. We’re working with him to try to track down the people responsible. He will also of course be contacting his credit card and local law enforcement.

Other people have been in touch to say they received nothing at all.

To be clear:

  • Hamtun have no relationship at all with leowalkers.com or anyone who works there. If anyone does know who is responsible, we’d love to know
  • Hamtun watches are only officially available via our website and via our own Kickstarter campaigns. We do not currently have other retail partners. Obviously people can resell their own models via eBay or similar, but nobody else is selling the H2/H3 or any other Hamtun model officially
  • It’s not technically possible to make an H2/H3 at the prices they are charging. Even if they used a very poor factory and had no quality standards at all, just the raw materials alone cost more than the retail price they are quoting
  • You will not get a watch like the one advertised if you order through them. We’re not just trying to keep your business, this is an outright scam rather than a cheap copy or ethically dodgy business. They are thieves and you need to stay well away

If you see ads for this website, please report it to the company hosting it. Originally it was on Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform used by thousands of stores including this official Hamtun website. We got it removed from Shopify and it popped up elsewhere a few days later. We’ll keep trying to get them destroyed, but it’s like a game of whack-a-mole trying to keep them offline.

If you have been caught out by these thieves, please do get in touch with as many details as you can, the more we know the more we can do to help.