Cheap dive watches worth owning


Finding high quality cheap dive watches can be incredibly hard. You tend to get either a great watch or a watch that you can afford, but rarely a watch that is both. But why should that be the case?

We all know that the margins of many big brands are huge, with millions being splashed on advertising campaigns that add nothing to the quality of the watch you're buying.

So what is the answer? Well, have you checked out any of the microbrands that have popped up over the last few years?

Microbrands are small operations making high quality watches without the weight of a legacy operation holding them back.

You'll find a huge variety of designs out there. Some microbrands are making "homage" designs, taking lots of inspiration from larger brands but adding their own twist. Other microbrands are making really unusual and unique designs of the kind you'd never see from one of the established brands.

Whichever microbrand you choose though, one thing you can be quite sure of is that there is someone running it with a real passion for what they are doing. It's an exhausting job without huge financial reward, so not one for a generic shipped-in CEO. 

In 2015, Ross Davis founded Hamtun to try and make the watches that he wanted to own. Back then the watches he liked were out of his price range, and the ones he could afford were uninspiring.

Cheap dive watches by Hamtun

In 2016 Hamtun launched the H1 collection, which was our vision of cheap dive watches that people would actually want to own. With high specs and a low price, the H1 was a huge success for us and launched Hamtun in style. Starting at just $199, the H1 feature list included:

  • Titanium case
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Automatic movement
  • 200 metres water resistance

At the time the H1 launched, the number of cheap dive watches that got close to that kind of feature list was tiny. Titanium is an expensive material to work with, and so not many companies do.

Cheap dive watches - Hamtun H1

With over £20,000 in sales in the first 20 minutes, the H1 was a huge success for us. The first edition completely sold out, and we're now taking pre-orders for the second edition. Hundreds of customers gave us feedback on their purchase, and reviewed the H1 an average of 5/5 stars!

If you're looking for cheap cheap dive watches, make sure the H1 is high on your list of options to check out!

With the H1 first edition successfully delivered attention at Hamtun switched to the Neon Automatic, our first model to feature a Swiss automatic movement. While not technically a dive watch (it doesn't have a rotating bezel and is only certified to 100 metres), the Neon is designed for those that appreciate the dive watch style but don't actually need to use the diving functionality. Do check it out if you're keen on cheap dive watches but don't actually dive!

Cheap dive watches - Hamtun Neon