Doing our bit


As I write this on 1st October 2019 there is a huge, seemingly political, fight going on about climate change and the damage that Man is doing to our planet.

Specifically, a rather wonderful young lady called Greta Thunberg is upsetting a lot of fragile egos by pointing out that it's probably not a Good Thing to continue destroying the planet in exactly the way that almost all scientists agree that we are. For some reason this seems to have been positioned as a political argument (left versus right) rather than a factual/scientific issue (idiots versus the rest).

I've got no interest in getting in to a New World Order/Deep State/Soros argument with a load of conspiracy theory nut jobs, but I am aware that I'm just one of billions of people not doing my best.

So, while I know that in the scheme of things I can make very little difference on my own, it would be hypocritical of me not to try.

Last night I signed the Hamtun Group up to a carbon offsetting service. I picked a plan with enough credits to cover not just my own travel and office needs, but also the flights to get watches from the factories to me. As the Hamtun Group grows, I'll keep an eye on it and make sure we add additional credits as and when it's necessary.


What's the point?

Already I've been asked this.

The point is that the world is going to shit and very few people seem to care. I fall in to that bracket as well, I don't pretend otherwise and I'm not here to lecture anyone on how great I am and how bad they are. I drive a car when I don't need to, I run air-conditioning when I could live without, I don't recycle carefully enough, I buy lots of stuff online that I really don't need, I eat a lot of meat. I like my life.

That doesn't mean that I can't try to be better and try to ensure that the life I lead doesn't do an unreasonable amount of damage to the planet. That's the point.


How does it work?

We fund the planting of trees which should offset the carbon that we produce by running our business. We picked an organisation called Offset Earth and they have a nice article explaining how it works.

We have a profile that you can check at any time. It should update each day with the number of trees we've helped plant and the amount of carbon we've offset as a result.

Hopefully there should also be a badge below that updates with the number of trees we've planted.

We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth


Will it make the watches more expensive?

Nope. In the scheme of things, the costs involved are just a rounding error. Even if it did add a few ££ to the price of a watch I'd have considered it worth doing. But it won't. Who can possibly have a problem with that?


"I don't want to help save the planet"

Well you probably aren't, it'll make no difference on its own other than help me sleep at night. But if it bothers you so much, buy a watch from someone else. We're going to at least try.


"You're a hypocrite, you get XX shipped from YY"

Fair point. There is definitely stuff we source from overseas that we could instead find locally. When Hamtun was formed, all I cared about was building a financially sustainable business. Now that's done, I've started to look in to ways to cut down on the amount of unnecessary shipping we do. We'll still want the best stuff we can find, but I've started making a concerted effort to find things locally before we look overseas.


Virtue-signalling prick

Yeah yeah. Get a grip. This will be the last time I mention this unless anyone asks specifically, and I won't be sharing it. It should help me sleep at night, but I'm not of the misguided impression that it's going to achieve anything on its own. Maybe, if you see this, consider doing something similar and maybe we'll start to get somewhere.