July shipping update

It's been ages since I did an email update on status or new products. Let's try to get through it all quickly :)

H1 shipping news

The H1 was scheduled to ship this month, and it will. Hurrah. 

The watches have been through their first round of quality checks. Around 30 went back for fixes on little things and all of them have now passed stage 1. I have a 2 stage process set up this time, with the first happening before the watches were shipped to me. As soon as they arrive with me (in the next 3 days I hope, as long as customs aren't a pain) they will go immediately into my second stage. That's all ready to go and is mostly to check movements haven't got messed up in shipping.

Silicone straps are here and look great (and there were some clasps in that delivery as well...). All packaging stuff is here except the actual watch boxes, which are shipping and I'm just waiting on. 

I expect to ship them next week (so 23-29 July). If you're on Instagram follow along, I'll be doing loads of photos and live videos over the next week or so as stuff arrives. It's instagram.com/hamtunwatches (if you prefer Twitter it's twitter.com/hamtun but expect more on Instagram)

Neon shipping news

Neon was always scheduled for next month, and that remains the case. At the moment things are on schedule for delivery to you late in August. I will update in more detail on this closer to the date when I'm 100% sure we're on track, but I'm confident at the moment :)

New products

I've got a few new accessories launching in the next couple of weeks. These are:
  • Watch pouches. These were available as part of the Neon Kickstarter but will be available via the website as soon as I've shipped the H1. They are leather and are great quality.
  • Watch rolls. Made from the same leather as the travel pouch, these hold 4 watches and are great for those of you (like me) who can't go away for even one night without lots of options! As with the pouch, these will be available once the H1 is out.
  • While silicone strap for the H1. Using the same design as the standard strap, but available in white. They will only fit the H1, don't even try getting them on the Neon (I already did...). If you've ordered a "ghost" H1 it's an awesome option, but it should fit any H1. Unlike the leather goods, these will be very limited availability and I will not be making more of them for the H1. So if you want something a bit unusual, keep an eye out.
  • I have 2 watches in development which I'll be showing only when the existing pre-orders are shipped. It's a lot of work launching something new and needs all my time, so I can't do it while I'm so busy getting orders out.

Pre-ordering an H1

You've only got around 24 hours left if you want one of the H1 models that will ship this month. On Thursday at some point, I'm going to disable pre-orders for it. It will not be available again until all pre-orders have shipped, and it will have gone up £80 as it will be an in-stock rather than pre-order item. If you were holding off because you don't like the idea of pre-orders, then this is your last chance at that price. Available for now at https://hamtun.co/collections/dive-watches in Blue and Ghost options.


Here are a few, but follow along on Instagram for lost of updates over the next few weeks as shipping happens - https://instagram.com/hamtunwatches

Hamtun H1 Ghost photo

Hamtun watch roll photo

Hamtun H1 bracelet photo